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We aim to introduce our students into the fantastic world of programming in a creative and practical way, using Ozobots in a story that will explore basic coding knowledge.
The facilitators will choose an age appropriate story that will be presented to the group of children (30 children aged 10 to 15). The Ozobots will be the story characters that will be personalized by children with various elements like: hat, dress etc. from recycled materials (e.g. hat from egg cardboard).
Using flipchart paper each group (aprox. 4 groups) will draw the story according to the storyteller in various colors and using various elements (including recycled materials – e.g. old clothing, plastic bottles). The main coding elements will be the road that will have to walk. Here the facilitator will introduce coding language and each group will have to use their own ideas in how they want to create the story.
At the end each group will present their story.
In the workshop we will involve NGO staff and volunteers, teachers from school and parents.
The overall aim of the workshop is to show to the children that programming is fun and applicable to any life context.

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